building a brewery from scratch 2012 - 2016


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2012 learning how to brew beer subscriptions 2013scaling up 2014forming an association 2015organizing workshops 2016finalizing brewhouse

Equipment EvolutionA major part of the project is developing the production process through a hands on approach. Over time we designed various brewing installations using open source information and re-using exsisting materials. Starting from a 20L manual brewing kit, the brewing machine quickly got upgraded by making use of items found in and around the household. Such as, laundry machine pumps, aquarium pumps and plumbing products. Each step in the machine's evolution, reflects the level of skills in our learning process. Club ActivitiesThe association is engaged in various activities in order to create a sustainable platform and to raise awareness of alternative production methods. Not having to worry about making profit gives us the liberty to undertake experiments, set up more conceptual projects, organize events, workhops and collective purchase of resources.