About me

Hi! I am Will van Twuijver, a designer, researcher and farmer working on sustainable design processes. My work is informed by an overarching goal to design and develop systems that integrate ecological regeneration and human wellbeing. In practice, my work is focused on the intersection of agroecology, climate adaptation and grassroots-initiatives.

Focusing on this intersection allows me to explore alternative forms of organising based on solidarity principles, return to a human-scale and increase capabilities to work with natural processes. I have several years of involvement in grassroots initiatives that explore such alternatives, including projects that involve Community Supported Agriculture, food preservation collectives and home-brewing.

In 2012 I graduated with a bachelor’s in interior architecture at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, followed by a master’s in Collaborative & Industrial Design at the Aalto University, Finland in 2019. To further deepen my understanding of sustainability and design, I completed multiple courses on related topics. Such as a minor study on Sustainability, a certified permaculture design course, a two-year course in biodynamic agriculture and cheese making. Currently, I work as a part-time farmer and cheese maker, design researcher and am active as board member of Toekomstboeren.

Helsinki Biochar Project 3 5

The Helsinki Biochar Project set up an experimental local to produce biochar from green waste generated in the city and apply it back into it’s green infrastructure.

Macgyver Project 3

The Macgyver Furniture is a set of furniture only using prefabricated elements.

Project Pee-Osk 2 3

The Pee-Osk is a mobile bloody mary bar that serves cocktails of which the ingredients are fertilised with human urine.

Giant Corn Brew 2 3

In November 2015, ‘Brouwvereniging Rotterdam’ was asked to brew beer from Jala corn, the largest corn plant in the world.

Roodkapje Radicals 3

Radicals was a series of festivals organised by Roodkapje Rotterdam in 2015. Together with Micha Prinsen, I was responsible for the scenography of the festivals.

Magnetronbar 3

The Magnetronbar (Micro Wave Bar) was a temporary restaurant built in 2013 within the art space Roodkapje in Rotterdam.